Too much ‘media bashing’ in university journalism schools?

Jschool’s director was quoted in a piece in the media section of The Australian about relations between universities and the news media:

University lecturers are journalist wannabes, partial to “media-bashing” where they portray private media companies as the enemy, leading media figures argue. …

Australia’s first journalism professor, John Henningham, who now runs the Jschool journalism college in Brisbane, said he had a low opinion of media studies and its dominance of journalism education. “The various postmodern, cultural studies and Marx-inspired perspectives have done little, if anything, to improve the education of aspiring journalists,’’ he said.

He said students in his one-year diploma “do more journalism” than those enrolled in three-year degrees.

“We also try to impart a sense of pride in being a journalist, stressing the vital role of journalism in society,’’ he said.

“Evaluation of media performance is part of our Diploma of Journalism, but not wholesale ‘media bashing’ as is common in many university courses.”

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