Hayden captures photography award

Congratulations Jschool graduate Hayden Johnson (class of 2012) for winning the APN award for the best photography by a reporter.

From the Chronicle story:

“It was a wet morning at the Maryborough cricket grounds,” Hayden said.

With the rain drizzling, he moved back under cover to continue photographing the match.

As one of the batsman went to take a swing at the ball, the bat came loose from his grip in the slippery conditions and his bat went flying over cover.

“The expression on his face made it,” Hayden said.

Acting Chronicle editor Clementine Norton was full of praise for the young journalist.

“Hayden is one of the brightest young journalists in APN and has developed into a highly skilled reporter whose multimedia knowledge brings stories to life,” she said.

“His humour and storytelling ability – whether in photography, print or online – shows an impressive talent that is becoming more refined year by year and we are very proud to have his achievements acknowledged.”


Great work Hayden.  Glad those multimedia skills from Jschool have come in handy!

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