Journalism opportunity for senior school students


Jschool has opened the doors to senior secondary students to study two key Diploma of Journalism subjects – Introduction to Journalism and Shorthand.
Jschool director John Henningham said the units were well within the capabilities of senior students with good English skills and would help them with their other subjects.

Introduction to Journalism (JR101) is a practical subject that teaches students the basics of reporting and news writing.  It introduces the concepts of “news value” and includes considerable practice in writing stories suitable for news media.  

The shorthand subject (JR100) uses the Teeline method to give students skills in speed writing.  Teeline has become the newspaper industry standard (replacing the older Pitman’s shorthand).  It enables quick and accurate note-taking by reporters in the field and is a skill much valued by newspaper editors and other news media employers.

Development of students’ writing skills has benefits across a wide range of areas, including report writing, submissions and essays.  

The two subjects can be studied over the summer semester (from December to February) or during the March to June or July to October semesters.

The subjects are taught online, with weekly downloads of lessons.

Textbooks are provided free of charge.