Jschool tuition fees 

For more information on course costs and comparative fees, see : “How much does it cost

Fees per subject: $1,990
Per semester (full-time enrolment)$7,960
Per semester (part-time enrolment - 2 units)$3,980
Whole year course (full-time)$15,920

Progressive payments

Jschool students may make monthly payments via direct debit.
Administration of the progressive payment program is by the national direct debit company, Paysmart.

Weekly payments are $124 per subject per week (for 16 weeks). Two subjects would be payable at $248 per week, three subjects $372 and a full-time four-subject load would be $496 per week. 
If paying monthly, there are five monthly payments per semester, or 10 per year.
Progressive direct debit payments per Jschool subject are $398 per month (for 5 months).  If undertaking a part-time load with two units per semester, direct debit payments would be $796 a month.  For a full-time load they would be $1,592 a month.

Loans for study

 Study loans for Jschool students (subject to eligibility) are available from MacCredit (www.maclifestyle.com.au).
Loans are available with repayment terms of up to seven years.
As an indication, a five-year loan for the entire cost of the diploma would under current interest rates be repayable at about $100 a week.
For more options, see the MacCredit repayment calculator: https://xy284.isrefer.com/go/loan-calculator/a3596/