As an independent college, Jschool is not linked to government loan programs.  One advantage of this is that students avoid the 20-25 percent overhead charge imposed by the government under the VET student loan schemes.

As an alternative, progressive payment and loan options are available for Jschool students (subject to eligibility).
No interest is charged for progressive payments (monthly direct debits).   Normal commercial interest rates apply in the case of loans, which allow for repayment over several years.

Comparative tuition fees

Students are often shielded from the cost of their education while studying, but government loans eventually have to be paid.  (HECS-HELP loans are paid through the tax system when a threshold income level is reached.)

Wherever they study, students will pay many thousands of dollars for their courses, either up-front or via loans.

Jschool’s tuition fees are modest compared with those of many other journalism programs.

As a guide to tertiary education costs in journalism, here are some comparative tuition fees for courses:

Public university degrees in humanities/communication (from 2021)$43,500
Private college (Macleay - diploma)$34,800
Private college (Macleay - degree)$69,600
Private university 3-year degree (Bond University)$101,928
Jschool Diploma of Journalism$15,920

Jschool tuition fees