Jschool makes ‘unique contribution’ – top industry figure

Jschool’s journalism course has been praised by a top industry figure as unique in Australia.

Former president of the newspaper publishers’ association PANPA, John Tidey, said Jschool made a unique contribution to journalism education.

Mr Tidey, a former executive with Melbourne’s Age newspaper, said he hoped the government decision to cease loan funding for vocational journalism students would be reversed.

‘Jschool is a unique contributor in the field of journalism education in Australia,’ he said.

‘I have been admiring of its rigorous, practical and professional approach since its foundation in 2001 by Professor John Henningham. The success of its graduates in finding appropriate entry-level employment in the media is, to my knowledge, unequalled in this country.

Mr Tidey praised the relevance and focus of the Jschool journalism course.

‘As a former President of the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association and adjunct professor of journalism at Deakin University I repeat my long held view of Jschool:  I know of no other program that is so relevant, so focused and so intensive in its preparation of candidates for entry level positions in the Australian media.

‘It is a high quality course that makes a small but valuable contribution to our national life at a time of great turmoil and change in media and communication generally. It should be encouraged.’

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