Clarion award for Jschool director

Our very own John Henningham, founder and director of Jschool, was awarded the Clarion for Most Oustanding Contribution to Journalism at the annual Queensland Media Awards.

Judges commented:  “It is difficult to over-emphasise the impact that John Henningham has had on Australian journalism.

“There are many journalism schools at Australian universities doing a fine job but there is only one Jschool, and its contribution has been immense.

“John broke ground by gaining the first Australian doctorate in journalism and becoming the country’s first journalism professor, then continued his pioneering work with Jschool, which for decades has imparted the professional skills that young journalists need, coupled with rigorous academic teaching.

“Jschool focuses on the real world to help students learn real, practical, journalism skills that are of immediate use to the students and the newsrooms that hired them.

“John changed Australian journalism for the better by setting a high standard that other teachers now aspire to, as evidenced in part by Jschool’s regular representation in the Clarions’ Most Outstanding Student category, with graduates winning in 2005 and 2010.'”