My name is TEELINE!


I am a written language which will help you become the best journalist that you can be by allowing you to take down notes at the speed of light without having to record a conversation.  This means you don’t have to battle with the limitations of using a recording device which requires the replaying of a whole interview before even beginning to write your story. I know for a fact that when people are aware they are being recorded, they will not be nearly as candid as when having a relaxed chat with me and my notebook.

I am easy to learn and understand because I am based on the alphabet you already know and love the shortcuts which can be used by many who rely on spellcheck and those who get creative when texting. I also love improvisation, so thrive on people who think outside the square and come up with faster ways of writing a word or sentence and am happy to add this to my repertoire to allow me to grow.

My unique alphabet system is designed so that even the messiest of writers are able to form the letters and join them together with ease. Mastering this is like learning to drive a car – understand the functions of all the controls, make sure you are able to operate them in sequence and then put into practice under all types of conditions.

I am easy and quick to learn and will be useful to you in many facets of your life.