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Jschool is an Australian independent college of journalism established in 2001.  Dedicated to preparing students for journalism careers, Jschool has won the respect of the news media industry for its commitment to  developing relevant skills and knowledge.

About Jschool

Jschool is an Australian college of journalism established to provide industry-relevant education and training for students seeking careers as journalists.

What is Jschool?

Jschool was founded in Brisbane in 2001 as an independent journalism school offering vocational journalism education. Jschool developed a specialist course in consultation with editors, designed to provide hands-on training combined with relevant theory.  

Graduates of Jschool work in news media throughout Australia and overseas.  The course is now taught online, giving students anywhere in Australia or internationally an accessible way to develop strong journalism knowledge and skills. 

What is the Diploma of Journalism?

Jschool’s Diploma of Journalism is a unique vocational course that prepares students for entry-level positions in newspapers and other news organisations. It may be studied online, full-time over one year or part-time over two or more years.

Focus of the course is the development of practical skills alongside relevant theory and professional education, including law and ethics.

Why Jschool?

Jschool is the only college in Australia focused exclusively on journalism education. We are committed to providing industry-relevant education and training for students seeking careers as journalists.

Why Journalism?

Essential in keeping people informed and holding major institutions to account, journalism is an exciting career path where you can indeed make a difference.

Industry staff

Jschool's staff all have relevant industry and academic experience as well as considerable teaching experience. They get rave reviews from students for their dedication and their interest in students' welfare and career opportunities.

Practical lessons

With an emphasis on learning by doing, Jschool students get quick and continuous feedback on their stories and exercises, with the opportunity to resubmit work until they get it right. Dedicated and committed staff ensure students learn from their mistakes and aim for the best.

Made for online

After years of research into online education, Jschool has developed a stimulating course featuring continuous student involvement and practice. It has resulted in the highest satisfaction ratings of any journalism course in the country.

Who can apply?

Jschool welcomes anyone keen to know more about journalism and to develop skills in news gathering and writing.

Where is Jschool?

Jschool is wherever you are – as an online college open to anyone with an internet connection. Our base is in Brisbane but staff are in four different cities, and students come from all over. The online course features interactive lessons, research and writing exercises, workshops and wherever possible  face-to-face meetups in capital cities and regional centres.

When can I study?

New lessons are available each day Monday to Thursday, but you may study anywhere and anytime that suits you.  Semesters begin in March and July but there are opportunities to join the course at additional times.

How do I apply?

That’s easy! Complete the 15 minute form and you’re on your way!

Student comments

We work hard to give our students the best possible experience so they’re prepared for ‘real-world’ jobs.

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